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Congrats, you’ve made it to December and the holidays are in full effect! You’ve been moving full-steam-ahead all year long, and as the year comes to a close, take a minute to reflect on all that you have accomplished with your business. Now, take a moment to visualize 2015 and the growth you wish to achieve. It CAN be done with the right plan, the right information, and the right technology to support it. So check out our list (and maybe check it twice…) to find out what you can do to protect your data and devices for the coming year. Inventory Your Assets – Make a detailed list about what equipment you have. Compile serial numbers, make and model of each piece, and assign a name, location and phone number of the person in possession of the equipment. Bar codes are a great tool for ease of tracking/scanning information once the list has been compiled. Identify who is Mobile – Make an additional list that identifies who is using mobile computing resources. Understand which employees are using mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, ipads and laptops, but also understand how and where they are using them. Are they connecting from hotels, home networks, or even client offices? Each type of location has its challenges and benefits when it comes to technology and securing data. Upgrading Hardware and Software – The holidays are a great time to upgrade your systems and software! Significant discounts may be available because the New Year brings new releases, meaning you may be able to enhance your employee experience with technology simply by adding a NEWER version of software or NEWER and faster computer…all at a discounted price! New Year, New TECHNOLOGY Resolutions – Time to make some new rules in the playbook. Tiny things such as computer locks, having screens that time out/lock after a fixed duration, and even screen protectors, can make a huge difference in the life of a computer! Implement a handful of strategies that can extend the life of your technology assets. Call the Experts – Your computer screen is frozen. Or worse, you have the blue screen of death!…all perfectly and inconveniently timed in the middle of working on a deadline. Instead of the hold-your-breath-and-hit-control-ALT-DELETE strategy….CALL US. We can help. Let us take care of your technology issues, so that you can quickly and painlessly, get back to doing what you do. It just makes sense. Streamline your operations for 2015, improve customer service and revenue, and let PEAK IT SOLUTIONS handle your IT. We hope that 2014 finishes up strong, and look forward to working with you for the New Year! Contact us today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION by calling (949) 438-4250 or email [email protected] for more information. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE ENTIRE PEAK TEAM!


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