Can you Feel the Love? How to Help Employees Embrace Technology

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Some people have a love/hate relationship with technology. This month we’d like to focus on the LOVE aspect and how technology can be a good thing. If you’ve taken the time to research, purchase and launch a new system, application or even upgraded to newer hardware, you’ll want to ensure that your employees actually USE the technology. Below are our PEAK Performance tips to help make sure your employees embrace change!

  1. Involve them in the decision making process! – Ask for opinions about operating systems, style preferences and most importantly…what they need. Involving them in the decisions up front may help eliminate friction down the road.
  2. Make sure that employees have 24/7 support (That’s where we come in!). Employees will LOVE their technology, as long as it’s helpful. By providing reliable IT Support to your staff, you are setting them up for SUCCESS!
  3. Make the Call. Check in on employees to see how things are going with the launch. Are there hiccups? Wins/loses? Be proactive in addressing any issues you discover. Ask them what the LOVE about the new technology!
  4. Training Basics. Give them the tools needed to be successful. Provide relevant training up front so that they are ready to dive right in!
  5. Share the LOVE! When you get feedback, share it with the team to see if they are having similar experiences. This will help to quickly identify ways to improve or simply share great news about how technology is positively impacting your business.
  6. Motivation. Think about what motivates YOU to use technology. And then ask your team the same question. Find a good balance between wants and needs, and go for it! Encourage your staff to use technology by addressing the items that create excitement, and implement them.
  7. Promote Best Practices. If you find something that works, share it. And ask your employees to do the same. Foster an environment of sharing, so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Share the helpful, time-saving ways that others are using the technology.

It just makes sense. Streamline your operations for 2015, improve things like customer service and revenue, and let us handle your IT. When you partner with PEAK, IT’s handled! Contact us today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION by calling (949) 438-4250 or email [email protected] for more information.


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