Install now or remind me later? Why we all need to stay current on technology

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If you carry an iPhone then you are no stranger to software updates. If you are like me, when you are asked the question if you are ready to update to the latest software…install now or remind me later…you continue to click later for as long as you can.

Eventually it catches up to you. Frustration sets in when your operating system is out of date and you can no longer use or download your favorite apps. How do you get through your day without Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter? OK, maybe LinkedIn is more your speed. In any case, you are no longer productive because your iPhone is out of date and you can’t move forward without buying a whole new phone!

How does this affect your law firm? The same holds true for laptops, desktops and all hardware. If you choose not to upgrade the software or hardware within your firm the consequences can lead to a crisis. Productivity comes to a stand still.

  1. Don’t let your firm fall behind. Don’t wait until an error has occurred or the system has crashed. If you wait until it is too late you run the risk of:
  • Inadequate security
  • Loss of data
  • Large out-of-pocket expenses
  • Cost of inefficiency
  1. User adoption. Don’t be one of those firms that goes half way. Once you do upgrade your system, invest in the proper training for your attorneys and staff. Bottom line, you will increase profits when the team is working to their highest potential. You will benefit from:
  • Increased efficiencies in processes
  • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increased performance and product quality

When it comes to legal technology spending, more firms are looking to improve client service and productivity. In order to do this, firms are spending their money on hardware, network upgrades, business intelligence software and workflow automations. According to the 2016 ILTA/Inside Legal Technology Purchasing Survey, statistics show that 80% of the respondents reported that they use outside technology consultants to assist with some aspect of firm operations, technology/infrastructure and strategic planning. Peak offers the services to support your infrastructure.

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