Don’t Get Hacked

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Law firm data breaches seem to be happening more frequently than you think.

In order to make sure your firm’s and clients’ documents are protected, it’s best to learn how a breach can affect your business. According to the nationalawreview.com, Law Firm Data Breaches: Big Law, Big Data, Big Problem, Hackers are aware that Law Firms are the number one target for client information.

How this information is protected is up to the managing partners of the firm. Enlisting an IT company that knows how to prevent the breaches from happening is the key to protecting your business.

According to a survey taken from the same article, a breach could cost your company:

  • access to sensitive client data
  • business downtime/loss of billable hours
  • hefty fees for restoring data
  • repair costs of compromised hardware/software, and
  • loss of important files and information.

Worried about a potential breach happening at your company? Start doing your research now, before it is too late. Call Peak Solutions to make sure your clients’ documents are secure.


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