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What does it say about your Brand? First impressions are usually made in under 10 seconds.  So when prospective clients land on your home page, what are you saying about your firm? A website is your online business card, and can be used to share information, support e-commerce and much more. Use it to compliment your other marketing initiatives and speed your target market through the decision-making process. Your Website is a Business Development Tool Think of your website as an extension of your physical sales team, and treat it with the same diligence. Your sales staff must provide information in a clear and compelling way, and you would check in and review what works and doesn’t work on a regular basis. The same must be done with your website. If it has been more than two years since you launched your current site…time to refresh to remain current. If YOU are the sales team or you don’t have a website, it’s the perfect time to jump right in!

  • Evaluate – Take the time to inventory your market. Have you added products or services? Has your target market changed? Do some research on competitors to see how they brand and market in the same space. Find a platform that works for you so that can easily make updates of product pictures, staff members and offer new information.
  • Technology – Is your website responsive? Can it be viewed to scale from multiple devices? There has been a huge shift in the online world that now demands websites to be mobile friendly. Whether your prospective clients are searching on their computer, phone, or tablet, it’s important for your website to adaptive with their needs and inquiries. If a client has a great experience when navigating through your site, they will make the connection that working with you and your staff will be equally enjoyable.
  • Be “in the know” about SEO – While it’s important for your website to look nice, it is equally important for it for your site to use good search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps with your website rankings. A strategic SEO plan will maximize the content, drive traffic to your website and reach highly targeted clients as they search for your services online.
  • Call the Experts – Simply put, CALL US. We can help. Let us take care of your web needs, so that you can quickly and painlessly, get back to doing what you do.

It just makes sense. Streamline your operations by improving customer service and revenue, and let us handle all of your online needs.  Contact us today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION by calling (949) 438-4250 or email [email protected] for more information.


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